Welcome to KEA Properties LLC. 

A proud family company that was established in 2009 after our founder Elliot Rushing was downsized due to the economic slowdown. The name KEA comes from the first letters of Kesha (Wife), Elliott Jr (Son), and Arieanna (Daughter)

The Rushing Family on vacation in Europe. (L-R) Arieanna, Kesha, Elliott Sr. Elliott Jr.

Already a licensed Realtor since 2002, Elliot became a full time Realtor working with investors buying and selling foreclosed properties. Within three years, he began working on investing in his own deals.

After working with a number of contractors and handymen to renovate, remodel, and spruce-up residential properties, he decided to become a general contractor himself.

Kesha became a licensed Realtor and came onboard full-time to handle the Realtor Services while Elliott focuses on Investing and Remodel/Renovation Services.

Their daughter Arieanna has come aboard to handle the book keeping, making Kea Properties LLC a true Family Love Affair!

KEA Properties is owned and operated by people that live, work, and play in the Nashville Area while raising a family. As such, we love doing business with other families and treat each client as a close friend, family member, or neighbor. Because, well…they are!

Our Team

Elliot Rushing


Kesha Rushing

COO of Real Estate Sales

Damond Henderson

Site Superintendant